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Utilizing blockchain technology to compliment exciting gameplay

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Entertainment First

We resonate with the passion gamers have, which is why we will never cut corners or compromise quality. Our mission is to build quality blockchain games for everyone to enjoy.

  • Entertainment
    Gameplay that builds and engaged community
  • Sustainability
    Healthy player marketplaces and asset ownership
  • Adoption
    Frictionless blockchain solutions - "no wallet no problem"
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Redefining Web3 Gaming

There's no reason to make gaming complicated. We've combined on-chain technology with traditional gaming passion and entertainment to create an enjoyable experience for all users.


Your progress is stored on the blockchain. Own your assets forever and share items between RocketPlus games.

  • Fair and Sustainable
    One of a kind tokenomics, tailored for each Game
  • Verifiable On-Chain
    Transparent ownership that reflects your hard work
  • Value through Gaming
    Get rewarded for playing games, your time is valuable

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Want to be a part of an emerging game studio? We are open to hearing how you can bring value to our team and help us bring entertaining blockchain games to the market. Drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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