2 Guys reimagine blockchain gaming

Blockchain is made out to be complicated, but it doesn't have to be

As life long gamers, Jack and Joseph always aspired to build a game of their own. The desire to create games that others can enjoy has led them to start RocketPlus, a game studio that focuses on Entertainment, Sustainability, and Adoption.

They soon realized that the Play-to-Earn space was fatally flawed. The perfect storm was brewing with copy cat games popping up left and right. Poor tokenomics, unengaging gameplay, and high friction killed the Play-to-Earn space. Jack and Joseph were left confused as to why blockchain gaming was failing, but they saw an opportunity to make a change.

These two founders have been in the crypto space since 2017 and are no spring chicken when it comes to understanding blockchain. Because of their interest in both Blockchain and Gaming, they tried out the brand new space of Play-to-Earn. Sadly, they didn't know what they would be in for.

Despite being demoralized, Jack and Joseph took their frustrations and ran with it. For the last 9 months, they have worked tirelessly without pay or recognition to develop a solution for blockchain gaming. They have developed their own economic model, designed engaging gameplay, and now RocketPlus is now ready to become the guiding light.

The origins

Where it started

Disappointed, frustrated, and demoralized. A few of the emotions we felt when testing out blockchain games. We wondered why there wasn't a good game on the market. Why was everything web based? Why are there only a few hundred users? We paved our own path for blockchain gaming, and after working in silence we are now bringing our findings to light.

Attracting users

We build Free-to-Play blockchain games for underserved genres in high demand. Our low friction solutions mean that users don't need any prior experience with blockchain, wallets, or cryptocurrency. Pairing ease of use with appealing gameplay for the low cost of free makes us an attractive hub for gamers.

A Reliable Model

After careful study of the blockchain gaming space, we concluded that it can not stand on its own. Traditional games still dominate the space by captivating the vast majority of gamers, while blockchain gaming has increased security and opens new doors for asset ownership. This is why we created a Hybrid model, where we get the best of both worlds.

Time to change the space

There is a new age of gaming on the horizon. Studios big and small are exploring blockchain technology, NFTs, and FTs. It is a matter of time until they are fully incorporated into the gaming space. We are focused on pioneering this space and becoming a leading blockchain game studio that can assist all studios with their transition into blockchain.

How can you remain Free-to-Play?

Like most other Free-to-Play games we sustain our development through a variety of microtransactions. We will never be Pay-to-Win and will only offer "non-game-breaking" assets such as cosmetics, character slots, and boosters. On top of this we have our MarketPlus™ fees, Learn-to-Earn monetization, and Limited Asset Sales (LAS) of on-chain NFTs/FTs.

Build then Hype

We believe in building first, then hyping after. Our games will never be filled with hot air like other blockchain game studios. We will always create a Proof-of-Concept and develop the GDC before creating hype and taking money from users. We are not here to disappoint, only to under promise and overdeliver.

Bespoke Tokenomics

RocketPlus will never copy another game's tokenomics. Our tokenomics are made bespoke for each game to ensure sustainability. Innovation excites us and we always strive to create the best solution on the market. Our Grind-to-Earn™ model was designed by our in-house tokenomics team after 9 months of R&D and we believe it will become the new standard.

For the Future

RocketPlus will serve as an industry leader by introducing the benefits and use cases for blockchain in gaming, entertainment, and collectibles to users and developers around the world. RocketPlus will create a supportive environment for users and developers to create their own experiences and collaborate on games with eachother and the studio.

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