RocketPlus Studio
Scheduled Release
Q4 2023
Production Start
Q1 2022


HighTides is a multiplayer open-world pirate game with focuses on PvP, PvE, Exploration, and Player Economies. The Pirate theme has been well received in video games and media with hits such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Sea of Thieves. In recent times the Pirate genre has been in desperate need for fresh content, to reestablish interest and provide new opportunities for player engagement. By reviving Pirates in popular culture, players can engage in a world that offers engaging and exciting experiences with long lasting story lines and lore. The vast history behind Piracy paired with the intensities of Pirate life allows for an engaging and dynamic story. HighTides will give players the ability to become a Pirate while reviving Piracy's rich and exciting history in popular culture.

About the Game

Washed up on a Pirate Port after an accident at sea, you are left to fend for yourself or join on of four factions that make up the United Alliance of Pirates. The GreenRock Empire has placed a bounty on your head, sending out privateers for your capture. Form a crew with other pirates and do what it takes to survive against the dangers lurking above and bellow the waters. Bring glory to your name by plundering your way to the top. Embark on journeys across vast open seas and turn islands into your own Pirate Port. Participate in the player economy and become a resource powerhouse. Find hidden treasures to enrich yourself with Doubloons and rare gems from the Gods. Live your life without limitation, as the world of Piracy puts no limit on your imagination.


HighTides has been under development since Q1 2022 with a private demo being play tested. The game is receiving major monthly updates and will be developed by top rated developers and studios who have worked for EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and other AAA studios. The final art style will feature low poly painted textures to allow even low spec systems to run the game. HighTides is built using the Unity engine to help with limiting PC load. The MMO and Open World style of HighTides allows for players to have many diverse interactions with the world and surrounding players. Upon launch there will be monthly content updates and quarterly season updates. These updates include everything from balance changes, patches, bug fixes, graphic overhauls, content, events, and storylines. There will always be something new for pirates to get their hooks on.

Explore | Plunder | Customize | Dominate

Frequently asked questions

Why does it use Blockchain? 

It's very hard to prove ownership online and especially harder within Video Games. The blockchain allows all of our Game items to be fully controlled by the player. Once the item is in your crypto wallet its officially yours! We give the keys of control back to YOU!

How is HighTides more sustainable?

We use our brand new Web3 economic model called E2E(engage 2 earn) where we reward effort over monetary purchases.

The Hightides economy uses a dual token model to sustain for longevity. Token 1 is Doubloons, this is a game bound currency and can be earnt in-game from most activities. Token 2 is $DIOM, this is a blockchain bound token and can be earnt through NFT sales and weekly competitive challenges.

Both currencies are fed through a treasury and get recirculated rather than being infinitely printed and burnt.

Why Pirates?

The pirate genre is massively underserved in gaming and most importantly because everyone loves PIRATES! 

I don't need my own Crypto Wallet?

Nope... You do not need a crypto wallet to start enjoying HighTides. We partnered with Stardust to provide all our users with a gasless, custodial crypto wallet. But don't worry if you want to store your NFTs elsewhere, you can simply transfer any NFTs out of the custodial wallet to your own personal wallet.

Who is it for?

HighTides is for people aged 18+. So as long as you're an adult and enjoy pirates, you'll fall in-love with HighTides.

What platforms is HighTides on?

HighTides will be a downloadable game for PC. We feel Web-browser games are massively inconvenient and old fashioned, so HighTides and ANY other Rocketplus game will be downloadable! 

How is HighTides better than other Blockchain games?

The issue with other blockchain games is they are too blockchain focused which results in a boring game play experience. Not all blockchain games have to be boring and squeeze the highest ROI out. HighTides is better because we focus on gameplay first, we want HighTides to feel like your standard video game with a sprinkle of blockchain technology on top.

Entertainment First, Always! 

It's Free 2 Play?

Yes!... A free Blockchain game, how could this be! It sounds too good to be true, but its the truth we promise! HighTides is 100% free, we hate how current Blockchain games force you to purchase an overpriced NFT before you can even start playing. The issue with that approach is that the players only care about their ROI, rather than the gameplay. So HighTides is free with the OPTION of paying for cosmetics!

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